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Product Information

Jojo ceramic vases are an affordable bud vase for a dinner party, event, bridal shower, powder room, desk at work, or any other spot that you need a little sparkle. We are expecting a return of the opulence of gold so we have given you some gold flower vases, along with a white flower vase and a silver one. In fact, we've given you two of each! You can acquire these little gems in the following designs, gold sphere, gold oval, silver sphere, silver oval, white sphere and white oval and each and every one is a classy and vibrant as the next.

With our stated anticipation of the comeback of metallic style d̩écor we decided to set the trend and design these gold flower vases and silver ones to get you started. Of course people need something to set against the glitz so we had to include the white flower vase as well, it just wouldn't be fair to leave it out!

Jojo Oval is 3.25" in diameter and 2" tall

Jojo Sphere is 3.25" in diameter

Flowers we love in this vase: Ranunculus, Baby Cymbidium Orchids, Bouvardia, Hydrangea


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