Big Caterpillar Vase

Big Caterpillar Vase


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We love a dramatic glass flower vase and we designed our Big Caterpillar bud vase to make flower arranging fun and easy but still sophisticated and elegant.

Each of the 4 round clear glass balls are joined together in a row. There is no separation between the balls so you only need to fill one hole with water and you will fill the whole vase. Simply take any flowers or clippings from your garden, or snip out a few from a grocery store bouquet, plop them in the 1/2" hole at the top of each sphere and you've succeed at creating a super cool centrepiece arrangement. You can achieve a dramatic effect in the centre of your table while still being able to look across the table and speak to your dinner guests without a large flower arrangement in the way.

Product Details

  • Material: extruded tube glass, which means it's glass but it's thin and delicate
  • Dimensions: 13” long, 4" wide, 3.5" ,tall
  • Cleaning: C.L.R. (Calcium, Lyme, Rust Cleaner) will help out with any calcium build up without needed to get out the long wire brush 


  • Unique gift idea
  • Fun floral arranging 
  • Look like a pro florist and have all your friends fawn over your creations
  • Saves all the flowers you accidentally snap off when gardening or arranging a bouquet

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Pretty flower vases

Perfect for a variety of blossoms and the cats don’t eat them because there are no leaves

Louise Adams

Great service. Fantastic vase!

Traci Pickerell
Never received

I ordered two vases over two weeks ago and have not received them nor any shipping information or updates. I paid for priority shipping as well; very dissapointing!

Hi Traci!! I trust you received my email about USPS and Shippageddon. Looks like it is delivered now! Yay!!

Sandi K.
Looks fabulous!

Very happy with the look of the vase! I’m gifting it to someone!

Toby Green
Great home accessory!

I found a similar glass flower vase at Marshalls. It was love at first sight. However there were only three connected vases and they were small. It was a constantly complimented accessory on my dining table. I cherished it and one night a dinner party guest accidently bumped it with a serving dish and it broke. You know the way it is at Marshalls, I never found another one again. A year has passed and I 'googled' it often but didn't know how to describe it. At last I think googled 'connected vases' and voila up came the 'Caterpillar' vase. it's a bit bigger than the last one but that's a good thing, it's easier to put the flower stems in. As a dining table accessory (or anywhere else) it's a dramatic pop of color with just a few flowers! SO glad I found it.