Animal Pots


    Animal Planters

    Are you looking for a truly unique way to showcase your plants, herbs, or flowers? At Chive, we carry a variety of cute animal planters that are perfect for your small succulents or flowers. Choose from an ElephantFox, or Pig, with each animal coming in a selection of neutral and vibrant shades and colors.

    Our selection of ceramic animal planters for sale are perfect to house your miniature garden and create a unique look. Combine interior design with greenery with these minimalist animal shaped planters. Coordinate the pots with your decor, by choosing a color or shade that matches perfectly.

    Eye Catching Animal Flower Pots

    These irresistible little animal flower pots look fantastic no matter where you situate them. Potted plants are a simple and care-free way to add character to your indoor or outdoor living space. Great for both kids and adults alike, these planters are playful, fun, and look great when situated amongst each other. Place one atop of a stand while the other set below for a dynamic spin on gardening.

    7 products

    7 products