Ceramic Flowers With Keyhole For Hanging On Walls Collection 14


Colors: Blue Flower Large
Claudia Schiffer is a massive groupie of our Ceramic Flowers. And no wonder. When we started making them, Vanity Fair listed them as one of their coolest new products. Now we are 14 lines deep, with over 125 pieces. Initially we just wanted to design a tchotchke, then we figured out they should be hung on the wall as well! Now we get random orders of 1000 pieces for an install. That’s a lot of groupies.
  • Blue Flower: 5.5” diameter, 2.2” tall
  • Mint Flower: 5.5” diameter, 2.2” tall
  • Green Flower: 5.5” diameter, 2.2” tall
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Chive's Ceramic Flowers

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Why bother with a fleeting bouquet that wilts faster than your weekend plans? Chive's Ceramic Wall Hanging Flowers are the forever-blooming stars of the show. They won't ditch you for a vase, and they never argue about who's taking up space on the dining table. Say goodbye to floral drama and hello to everlasting style.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeremy W
Almost perfect

I absolutely love these. The variety, design, and quality are all great. The only thing that keeps me from giving 5 stars is the keyhole hangers. You all should consider changing it to something easier or sending hanging hardware with them. It's tough to find something that doesn't put huge holes in the wall. The Deco hooks I got were great, until several of them wouldn't hang securely on the pegs because their was no lip in the keyhole for them to hold to. Found out the hard way when I went to hang one and it immediately fell off and chipped up around the outside of the petals but luckily didn't break. I've had to use a temporary fix with command strips that don't look good in the long run because you can see them.

Gail Sullivan

This is karma I believe, the third year I've ordered the ceramic flowers for my roommate for Christmas and She loved them period I was a originally ordering them through Stuart Gardinum museum in Boston where we first found them period the auto went incredibly smoothly in was here within a few days. You guys do a great job and thank you for all your hard work. Have a wonderful holiday season.